Wednesday, November 7, 2012

what have I been up to lately.... humm

So, sitting here lately thinking about my blog and why haven't i posted? I figured why would people want to know about my non arting projects. why would I write about how I have been De-cluttering my home now that our home isn't full of kids running around and tugging at me for everything. why would I write about how I self analyze   myself on everything I do and say. why would I blog about my children being  so stinkin awesome that in August my son earned student of the month

and in October my daughter earned student of the month too.

 Then i thought to my self? I said "SELF, why not". why not write about my life and what I go through in a day. its my blog a blog I started so I would share my Art/ crafting because art is only art if some one likes it. someone other than myself right! or so I've been told. God has created wonderful moments in my life that I feel that are important enough to share. why not share some of God's creations that he has allowed me to experience.
     So, If i lose some followers well than that's okay too. But if you stick around I suppose I will be blogging about all sorts of stuff. Like ohhh wait Katie's World. hum wonder where that came from. :)
                   who comes up with this stuff its brilliant. hehe 
                    let  me share some of my life here for a moment.

On to the latest and greatest project.  I have been working on my planner. I have had a home control journal that i found to be very useful. had all my information in it so made for a quick reference to get to when i needed this info. But, i have been wanting something a little more portable so husband gave me his old Franklin Covey planner its black and not very pretty but its a starting point. truly i just wanted to use a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch binder that i had but husband didn't want to give that up so I just accepted his generosity and started my planner.  I had to stick to the purpose of the binder and not how it looks. sighing a deep breath. so I started with the left over papers he had in their which so didn't suit my needs. No problem I can so whip up a few calendars off the computer like I did for my old 8 1/2 x 11 inch binder but I really wanted something cute but was willing to deal with what I can do. that's right i broke down and bought a spiral binder and had to only alter it by one hole right in the middle luckily the planner fit right into my  FC day planner.  
Ohh instantly I started to fall in love. how could it get any better than a cute lil calendar with pretty colors. oh it got so much better. after looking at tons of videos and blogs I came across this one blog she basicly said work it to suit my needs. so, i started to analyze myself and how i wrote my notes what is my process. I looked back in to a few of my binders and figuring out how i write my lists, yup thats right it was a hot mess. yes i said hot. 
ouch caliente hot

I played a bit with the ms word and came up with a few different styles.  i found one that finally i really enjoyed. I place my daily sheet on one page on the right side and cut slits in the holes so its easier to place in and out of planner. I used the little pocket place holder for my routines and weekly plan to make it easier to look at so i don't forget. because my biggest issue in life is being forgetful. if i write it all down its saved some place. 
then, i have the to-do's tab which all sorts of lists are place in there. things to buy for me my family, grocery lists. 

after that i have the notes: tab where her everything goes. my thoughts projects i consider this my launch pad for the rest of the planner. this is where I write it all out and work it out then disperse the information to the correct tabs later. I also use this for a diary kinda space. I use the back of the daily sheet to write things of the day in really. 

then the school bus tab: that have info of the bus and classes 

I am also wanting to put a personal family info tab or something so i can have the med refills, dr. appt. and medical/ health stuff in this section for easy planning. cause really who can remember this kinda stuff. that's right NOT me. 
then i have the a-z tabs in the back i use it for numbers bills and stuff that i feel i should hold on to but if i realize that I'm not using it. I think I will remove that section. 

lastly i have a pocket in back that has stamps and my password booklet that i made. fits perfectly not bulky at all
and a pad of paper that sits in the back pocket but every time I use those paper is a guilt feeling so i just cut 8 1/2 x 11 paper in half, hole punched it and put in the notes section. so i can have my guilt free paper. to do with as I please. 

so this has been my main project for a while know and this is what has been keeping me busy. plus life with family and cleaning and tossing of stuff. because why should I surround myself with things that don't make me feel good or happy. All around me is negativity and my plan is to keep that out of my home as much as possible. I found by doing this our home feels lighter more welcoming. I am putting things around the house that  make me smile bring me up not down. like the picture of my mother on front of my old control journal is no longer with me and I have no guilt over it only happy thoughts. this is my bubble and negativity isn't welcomed here. 

If you read all of this, sorry for the long post but i had to post something and since this planner and issues is what is making me happy right know in my life I had to share. 
have a blessed week, blog atcha soon.