Friday, January 29, 2016

Rosette paperclip by me

yes I'm back into making videos, okay a video i highly enjoyed (after figuring things out)editing the video. editing is no joke that is serious business splitting and removing and something else i cant remember right at this moment. It has only taken me 10 hours out of my day to craft my project while i record myself. cant stand my voice. I took an hour to go to work. tried to figure out how these programs work for editing(thank goodness for YouTube videos). Once I finally figured things out I could finally have fun with the editing. figured out that i have save to my computer before uploading to YouTube. Then trying to figure out how to put music on but that was a failure this time but maybe next time. I think I got it since YouTube said i can use this music with out over stepping my boundaries. then at last published, PUBLISHED !!!!

My first video in years so glad i did it I have others recorded but I (at the time) didn't have want to publish. Now I can find the art in it, another way of expressing myself (with the tools that are provided)with the editing. Though I'm not sure if this is for any other reason than to just share pieces of me with other. I hope that this in it self is enough to make video's. I'm not trying to sell anything. I have monetized my videos but i haven't seen a penny of it so i must be doing something wrong. still it's not the reason I started to do video's. hope it's enough to just share and hope someone has a good time watching or making the things that bring me joy.

I have been off line for some time, away from social media. mainly because life got so confusing wasn't sure which way to go. What I did know was my home needed me, my children needed me(the ones that are still in our home), and i had a job that I had to do to bring money in. This was enough to keep me going. The knowledge that these things had to be taken care of by someone and that someone had to be me. Yes, husband was here but he makes the money and a roof over our head was as far as he went. He tried to talk me back to where i once was but he had no clue what I was going through. lets just say that i am making my way back to a happier place. Back to being a mom and wife and figuring out who I am in my old age because I feel I can't go back to who I was but this new and improved person can emerge from the issues I have learned to deal with and over come.

Thanks be to God. I am blessed and I can see it again and can truly say I wouldn't have made it this far with out Him. God is a strong force in my life. I just have to BE present to hear his guidance. Thank you Lord for never giving up on me.

not sure if anyone besides myself will ever read this but that's okay because it had to be said. But, in the slim chance that their is a reader I hope you were okay with this post. Thanks for being the blank slate where I was able to express myself and thanks for reading . Till next time