Monday, February 27, 2012

I am trying to figure out what i have done about this UIU so making a list of all the Item i am making using up my stash

approximate weeks

  1. a sandi p mini album partially done just to embellish 
  2. painted a canvas cant count that but i did use up the paint on it so it kinda counts and im not hording the canvas i bought and used it
  3. then a year end review mini album not so mini by kathy orta still need to make cover and used up all old papers Thank Goodness
  4. crocheted wash cloths for the family 6 so far used up yarn i had for years
  5. 2 LO using up paper and stuff i had
  6. made a couple of molds UIU and using up my UTEE
  7. crocheted butterflies several of them again crochet thread I've had but again always using it up
  8. making a box for the ss box swap and also gave girl scouts papers that i new i wasn't going to use mostly fluorescent colors glad they are gone and they UIU
what week are we on not sure but i will check. so I will take pictures soon as my ankle feels up to it and will continue to post weekly on the stuff for UIU. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Door knocker

Love this i bout the last one they had at the HL loved it. a drawer handle I'm sure but on a cover of a box or mini its a door knocker! ohh yeahhh love it cant wait to use it.

I made a mold of it poured in some UTEE and wahh lahhh. I used gesso first the painted with black and copper paint love the result looks awesome to me. Hope you like! I made a few of them but I can so see me making a few more. Ohh I made more keys too I'll have to post those later when I paint them.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is 9:01am on Thursday, all excited about the box swap and want to get started. Should be working on something I"m sure but cant remember any ways so this is a good way to start my day, by expressing whats on my mind. ohh yeah girl scout meeting to night is whats on my mind I suppose I should get some of that stuff together for my girls. Shopping sounds good though I do need a couple of supplies but may be some one could help me make the decisions. Wondering really if scor tape is a necessity or not.

 Mini album binding what works best to keep the hinges together for longest lasting adhesion scor tape really necessary? would glue work just as good or is glue better? 

That is the big question of the day but i feel that a  bunch more questions will be ask, so be prepared for my pop quizzes. just knowing that you answered and helped out a fellow crafter will have to be the reward of sharing you valuable information. plus a great big thank you from me to you a fellow crafter. I also will put you on my  A++ list of special crafters/bloggers. :D

well  I am off to cut some thing and measure something else I shouldn't be so secretive because i will forget. writing it down now.

Thanks for taking the time to read and double thanks if you answer the question. see you around, bye for now, and Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something about my arting/scrapbooking is changing

Not sure if i like or not i know i had fun. I haven't made a LO in a while so I really wanted to get to work on one. i tried to let the paper talk to the photos and let them unite on the LO. Not sure if I should let them talk again cause he result was kinda crazy. I like it, in a crazy kinda way. I look at it and just not sure how i feel about it did i pull what i wanted to from it. I'm just gonna let it sit for a bit and see what it needs or doesn't need. What should i have done differently. I definitly need something on the envelop to mute it down a bit I'm thinking yellow flowers and another butterfly. yeah that's it. see myself going crazy over this page. sorry for being sideways see what i can do about it. Please leave me feed back tell me what you think? thanks for reading and going crazy with me.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tag o' idea

This tag i made while keeping Dede's weekly challenge idea collecting project in mind. So applying my ideas and the whys  behind it keeps me more focused. I like the out come enjoyed the process.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

saturday morning

Its Saturday morning waiting on coffee while listening to hubs still snoring and kids laughing while watching tv. how sad is that all i want to do is watch youtube video. a live stream would be awesome something with a new technique in scrapbooking. yeah! that would do me just fine. so what to do on this cold Saturday
clean? Nahhh
wash? Nahhhhh
how bout watch some more Youtube? yeahhhh that's the ticket right their.
coffee is ready so now i will enjoy these videos just a bit more. Have a great 3 day week end. I will try my hardest to stay relaxed since this is the first whole day without a cigg (again!). haha well i guess we will see who can last the longest the family or myself. good luck to them. deep breaths and a whole lot of relaxation is required and a busy mind will do the trick.
see you all in twitter or streams you are all lucky at a  safe distance from me.