Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is 9:01am on Thursday, all excited about the box swap and want to get started. Should be working on something I"m sure but cant remember any ways so this is a good way to start my day, by expressing whats on my mind. ohh yeah girl scout meeting to night is whats on my mind I suppose I should get some of that stuff together for my girls. Shopping sounds good though I do need a couple of supplies but may be some one could help me make the decisions. Wondering really if scor tape is a necessity or not.

 Mini album binding what works best to keep the hinges together for longest lasting adhesion scor tape really necessary? would glue work just as good or is glue better? 

That is the big question of the day but i feel that a  bunch more questions will be ask, so be prepared for my pop quizzes. just knowing that you answered and helped out a fellow crafter will have to be the reward of sharing you valuable information. plus a great big thank you from me to you a fellow crafter. I also will put you on my  A++ list of special crafters/bloggers. :D

well  I am off to cut some thing and measure something else I shouldn't be so secretive because i will forget. writing it down now.

Thanks for taking the time to read and double thanks if you answer the question. see you around, bye for now, and Have a great day!


  1. I don't know the answer. lol I've made one "official" mini album. I used both score tape AND glue. ;-)

    1. thank you for you answer. lord knows i need all the help i can get you have put on the A++ list appreciate you.

  2. I like X-pres it tape ( copic knock off of scor-tape) but to be honest if you want long lasting and no sticking I vote for Scott's Quick Dry! Works like a charm. Super strong. Dries clear. I am not a fan of glue sticks to hold them together nor do I really trust in the long run my Beacons though people swear by it. Really.. nothing lasts forever lol so I say stick it down with what you have =0) Of course there is the good ole ATG and though people say "its not as strong as Scor-tape" I kind of disagree as I think it just takes a bit longer to cure to full adhesion. My 2 (3?) cents though lol.

    Happy Gluing!!

    1. Thank you very informative appreciate you and you great answer my worries have been lessened. YOU already have been on my A++ list so have to start a new list of the A++ and +++ lol thanks ill have to look into the other tape too