Monday, April 30, 2012

Mondays Tag painted flowers with acrylic paints used paint on the back ground with acrylic glazing liquid
painted the seam binding the color came out awesome. 
painted the lil frame with black and gold to give it the metal look.
and painted over the metal brads that were green.
put a bow behind the flower and used a triangle piece of paper and hand pleated it by hand.

 hope you like inspiration from a picture.
thank you for looking.
bye for now

2 more tags

Good Morning there are to more tags. I know I said a Tag a Day from Monday to Friday but well I couldn't help my self. :) 

Here I had to think pink as these were a request from some special people. More than happy to make a tag and meet my quota. 

the left i used TH distress ink over the entire tag. then i dropped a homemade spray over in various spots using the CTMH refill inks. I used CTMH & Crafty Individuals stamps. The gibson girls being center of attention on these tags. so love these ladies. 

I used hot pink lace in the background, lace and string pearls. I also cut out 3 circles out of water color paper mounted on foam tape to bring them out some. because i am loving dimention? used black and white yarn from walmart, sprayed the white pink, takes color very well. i sprayed colors on mat then let the paper soak up the colors repeated 3 or 4 times till I got the look I was happy with. stamped images on top and wahlah popped up circles. 

added bling and the fibers to the top and the lace flowers with my paper leaves that i am o so proud of and love how realistic they look, added flowers i bought in a bouquet from the local family dollar and sprayed them with distess sprays i mixed and added the I AM ROSES flower on top and a beautiful tag if i do say so myself. 

hope you like it since the first tag goes out to Sandy J. 
and the second tag goes to Tanya

which on this tag i used seam binding and lace i sprayed. the background i sprayed different reinkers from CTMH and TH and like the color that came out then used a paint brush to drop on the drops on and let them drip down i did mix the reinkers with Acrylic Glazing Liquid. since i am to use different techniques while making these tags that made the reinkers look milky like that. I also stamped a heart in copper (color requested) and embossed with Lindys embossing powder cleopatra's copper. 
stamped around the edges in 3 different colors of green of momento inks and went around the edges in black TH distress ink that I blotted on mat and sprayed with water for different technique for me at least, paper just soaked it up distressed the edges with my dremel cause who doesnt love power!!!!
added a bead to the seam binding used hot glue to stick it down and tag number two was born from me. lol
I am now giving birth to tag? hummmm
if it works it works. 

hope you like the tags, stay tuned more to come, may just start streaming because it would be easier to show then to explain seems to me.

Thank you for looking please leave a comment or don't its all good
have a great week 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tag #1 for the first week. trying to use what i have in different ways. making a tag a day not sure how long it will last but givin it a try. here is first tag.

ok here is tags 1 through 4 cause i wont be able to make on thurday do to work :( but all are different and if google was working properly I would describe what i did in each on but since i cant it will have to wait for another day hope you like what you see. I just played and had fun.
bye for now !!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

ATC from my partner moonjoyce!

I got it!!!!!!! 
Joyce I got my beautiful ATC awesome job Thank you very much. 
cant wait to swap again. its awesome Joyce hope your ready for Mays ATC swap cause i know i am 
bring it Joyce show everyone whatcha got!!!
ohh did I mention this is her 
I am a lucky one.

attempts and my atc for joyce swap

 Hello all who read what I write good luck in reading what I write no spell check allowed here thank you. lol
so I was thinking the other night that i need to develop what i do using what i got and making more use of it. so i will be making a tag monday thru friday and using what i have an never in the same way at least 5 elements in the tag and never repeating with the same technique so i hope i can figure out many different ways to use what i got. wish me luck I'm gonna need it ty for reading

Next, I have my ATC that i have made for Moonlitrose or joyce I hope she likes it and hope i doesnt get thrown in a drawer some where and never to be seen of again. J/k joyce hehehe
enjoy this was made just for you from the the one and only me 
its a one of a kind just like you!!

love the colors dont you !!!!

i believe its tripe but tripas is what we call this i just wanted to share what was cooking when i received my secret sister box. really gross looking but after it was fried outdoors it made  some really good tacos.

MY SS BOX round 2

Sarah Allen was my secret sister awesome artist. She hand made me this card, album, stick pins and Beautiful Box!!!!! 
This is the most beautiful box ever. so beautiful and it has my name on it. Thank you Laurel for hosting another round of the Secret Sister box swap.  So Loved everything Sarah made me and so much thought into it and work. I am very luck that Sarah had me as her secret sister. Thank you so much Sarah awesome box Love the box ohh and I so LOVE my box!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring is here!!

Love my lilac early in the morning! Motivation of the day minus the messy house. Think I'll take the morning 2 myself & let Hailee sleep in. Drink coffee & listen to the quiet for a bit hope it lasts for a while.