Thursday, August 18, 2011

Front & back cover of mini.

 this is just the start. I am thinking Biker! focusing on bikes, the road and wild life. boy this thinking thing is difficult. lol I thought rims and chains and boots. but the best part of the album is for friends, good times and the memories in the making. i feel like a split personality writing this but this album must be awesome because i am making them for good friends. hope it starts flowing soon. the flowage comes and goes.

art color inspiration love it

Took pic off a ustream n loved the colors. Its just a background set. I'm am trying to replicate it.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cricut gears

I just used the gypsy to tweek out somesome of the images. And a sheet load of gears n wrenches. To be continues....
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my min in the makin

Here is my paper bult using a can tab. Lovin it n just used a lil peice of wire 4 the center of loops. Small hole punch n walah! A paer belt. Hope u like.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

I made the flower and the leaves. this must have been the cuttest flowers I've ever made. These are my perfected leaves i will never buy leaves from anyone i will make them from now on. 

used one paper flower that i bought in white in the back then placed the leaves i made and finally on top i put the flowers i made using the donna salazar spell binders die love the die. 

And this is my new project! since we had a bike run last week well we took a bunch of picture and need to make mini albums to share pictures with the friend from the run. My hubby gave me the idea. so, project it will be. this is just the beginning of my idea mini now this has to be hard and ruff for a bunch of bikers so this is gonna be fun. lots of metal :D and lots of leather and bandannas and more oh my. cant wait to really get into this. plus i got the okay to go shopping for scrappy stuff :D yeay for me. FUN FUN FUN

catching up on all my creativeness on blog

alright so here are some of the ATC i was working on for the ATC swap over at httc:// so much fun. loved doing these i think i may have gotten carried a bit carried away again but i figured out thats my MO.

I used my cricut for most of the cutouts.

 loving my butterflies, cant stop making them.

and I have to use lace cause i have so much of it and i have had it since i was a kid

i love the border on this one. different. 

here went my flowers. i also make the lil string with the flower buds is what i was attempting.

okay i use the farmers almanac pages for the background on these i so loved the papers in their will definitely use that again.

well hope you like cause i enjoyed making these had fun as it time went on. at first stress but later loved the process. thanks for checking these out

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enjoying cloudy days journal page

Blades show on ustream  inspired me to make a cloudy day Journal page. love cloudy days. I used water colors for the background. Then i used acrylic paints for the girl, you really have to be quick mixing acrylic paints their has to be something out their to keep acrylics from drying up so quickly. The tree was inktense pencils and chalks and acrylic green, yellow and white for the leaves. lost track of time while painting this but really enjoyed it. I was thinking about my childhood while i was creating this. climbing trees while at the park. tumbling down the green grassy hills trying to be the first one down, before your friends. aahh being a kid was so easy.  who new i could do this? I am slowly finding the confidence in my ability and in me. Think I may just frame this one.
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