Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enjoying cloudy days journal page

Blades show on ustream  inspired me to make a cloudy day Journal page. love cloudy days. I used water colors for the background. Then i used acrylic paints for the girl, you really have to be quick mixing acrylic paints their has to be something out their to keep acrylics from drying up so quickly. The tree was inktense pencils and chalks and acrylic green, yellow and white for the leaves. lost track of time while painting this but really enjoyed it. I was thinking about my childhood while i was creating this. climbing trees while at the park. tumbling down the green grassy hills trying to be the first one down, before your friends. aahh being a kid was so easy.  who new i could do this? I am slowly finding the confidence in my ability and in me. Think I may just frame this one.
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