Wednesday, November 7, 2012

what have I been up to lately.... humm

So, sitting here lately thinking about my blog and why haven't i posted? I figured why would people want to know about my non arting projects. why would I write about how I have been De-cluttering my home now that our home isn't full of kids running around and tugging at me for everything. why would I write about how I self analyze   myself on everything I do and say. why would I blog about my children being  so stinkin awesome that in August my son earned student of the month

and in October my daughter earned student of the month too.

 Then i thought to my self? I said "SELF, why not". why not write about my life and what I go through in a day. its my blog a blog I started so I would share my Art/ crafting because art is only art if some one likes it. someone other than myself right! or so I've been told. God has created wonderful moments in my life that I feel that are important enough to share. why not share some of God's creations that he has allowed me to experience.
     So, If i lose some followers well than that's okay too. But if you stick around I suppose I will be blogging about all sorts of stuff. Like ohhh wait Katie's World. hum wonder where that came from. :)
                   who comes up with this stuff its brilliant. hehe 
                    let  me share some of my life here for a moment.

On to the latest and greatest project.  I have been working on my planner. I have had a home control journal that i found to be very useful. had all my information in it so made for a quick reference to get to when i needed this info. But, i have been wanting something a little more portable so husband gave me his old Franklin Covey planner its black and not very pretty but its a starting point. truly i just wanted to use a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch binder that i had but husband didn't want to give that up so I just accepted his generosity and started my planner.  I had to stick to the purpose of the binder and not how it looks. sighing a deep breath. so I started with the left over papers he had in their which so didn't suit my needs. No problem I can so whip up a few calendars off the computer like I did for my old 8 1/2 x 11 inch binder but I really wanted something cute but was willing to deal with what I can do. that's right i broke down and bought a spiral binder and had to only alter it by one hole right in the middle luckily the planner fit right into my  FC day planner.  
Ohh instantly I started to fall in love. how could it get any better than a cute lil calendar with pretty colors. oh it got so much better. after looking at tons of videos and blogs I came across this one blog she basicly said work it to suit my needs. so, i started to analyze myself and how i wrote my notes what is my process. I looked back in to a few of my binders and figuring out how i write my lists, yup thats right it was a hot mess. yes i said hot. 
ouch caliente hot

I played a bit with the ms word and came up with a few different styles.  i found one that finally i really enjoyed. I place my daily sheet on one page on the right side and cut slits in the holes so its easier to place in and out of planner. I used the little pocket place holder for my routines and weekly plan to make it easier to look at so i don't forget. because my biggest issue in life is being forgetful. if i write it all down its saved some place. 
then, i have the to-do's tab which all sorts of lists are place in there. things to buy for me my family, grocery lists. 

after that i have the notes: tab where her everything goes. my thoughts projects i consider this my launch pad for the rest of the planner. this is where I write it all out and work it out then disperse the information to the correct tabs later. I also use this for a diary kinda space. I use the back of the daily sheet to write things of the day in really. 

then the school bus tab: that have info of the bus and classes 

I am also wanting to put a personal family info tab or something so i can have the med refills, dr. appt. and medical/ health stuff in this section for easy planning. cause really who can remember this kinda stuff. that's right NOT me. 
then i have the a-z tabs in the back i use it for numbers bills and stuff that i feel i should hold on to but if i realize that I'm not using it. I think I will remove that section. 

lastly i have a pocket in back that has stamps and my password booklet that i made. fits perfectly not bulky at all
and a pad of paper that sits in the back pocket but every time I use those paper is a guilt feeling so i just cut 8 1/2 x 11 paper in half, hole punched it and put in the notes section. so i can have my guilt free paper. to do with as I please. 

so this has been my main project for a while know and this is what has been keeping me busy. plus life with family and cleaning and tossing of stuff. because why should I surround myself with things that don't make me feel good or happy. All around me is negativity and my plan is to keep that out of my home as much as possible. I found by doing this our home feels lighter more welcoming. I am putting things around the house that  make me smile bring me up not down. like the picture of my mother on front of my old control journal is no longer with me and I have no guilt over it only happy thoughts. this is my bubble and negativity isn't welcomed here. 

If you read all of this, sorry for the long post but i had to post something and since this planner and issues is what is making me happy right know in my life I had to share. 
have a blessed week, blog atcha soon.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hi All,
 here lately i haven't worked anything crafty really but been working on organizing my home since the kids are all finally in school and i have time to get things done. I am able to throw out the stuff they would never let me, but i know they will never miss.

I have also been getting to know a special person a lot better. Feels like I'm back in elemetry school and just found a new friend she is my new bff. virtual skipping and sharing our ice cream together. I was lerry about having a close virtual friend but she is pretty cool and we have things in common and learn other things from each other. Its a special relationship sharing the things we enjoy together even if it is on line. TY for being yourself with me and sharing these awesome times together.

I have also lost a virtual friend. she just up and left without a word and no response but like most things it wasn't meant to last, but nice while it lasted. I suppose our differences couldn't be handled by her and out similarities weren't strong enough to keep us at least talking. either way it was nice while it lasted. thanks

know since things are calm in my home I plan on reading a book. uhh ohh watch out getting some reading done in years, could be dangerous may just learn something. all excited to spend some time reading its been awhile with a book.

And my big project is up dating my home journal, where i have my home information organized but flipping through that lately I have realize it needed to be updated I had some stuff in there from 10 years ago how crazy is that. like the appointment card from my sons last prenatal appointment that was so stinking awesomeo to find because that was also the same day he was born.
needless to say my planner needs to be updated and revised so that is a chore in itself. i promise not to get all crazy with it though. I will not try and make it perfect for my life is imperfect but the best life i could have. filled with love for family and love in return from the people that matter. I am a blessed woman and I will appreciate every moment the best i can.

well enough about that you all have a great day and will be around in the chats and streams and the all new facebook. cause my ustream family has been a bit neglected but i will try and make up for that. soon?.

thank you for stopping by hope I haven't board you to much have a blessed day

Sunday, September 2, 2012

So here lately i have been working on a few layouts. trying to get caught up. I have realized that the way i feel at that moment affects my LO's. 
Hi my name is Katie and i am an emotional scrapbooker. 
LOL, yes i am an almond joy candy bar = nuts 
I have completed 4 in one day when I'm in a bad mood. 
so I looked back at them and realized they are plain. I am ok with plain LO's and It's okay for my scrapbook to be about me since the kids will see these books later and see me in these pages. 

did i mention that i am ok with plain LO's (so want to add more to these know)

here are some plain layouts.

plain and simple but it gets the job done. 
hope you like!! every LO doesn't have to be a superstar. 
wait till i start merging project life with the layout inserts.

Ohhh wait did i mention this is all UIU. I am using up all my stash and will continue to use up all my stash.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LO long over due she's 5 now

Its been a while but here is a post. Summer break meant Blog break too, I guess? I have other projects that I have worked on and need to be posted. I will take pictures of summer projects on day some day soon. thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Donna Salazar Give away!!!!

I so want this! would be perfect for a gift since my month is here!!!! yup thats right gift me this!!

Donna oh Donna think of me when your picking a winner!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

rest of the Tags for the week

I had an idea for a back ground so i sprayed away and wet embossed this paper. 
I could have kept adding images but i thought i should stop. i so liked spraying of it all but not happy with the shimmer i rather have had plane sprays so I will be making my own so i had to purchase the sprayers shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone. :)

then the tags for the week using different back ground techniques
made a video on the first one i just have to figure out how to make it shorter to put it on youtube
the yellow one at the end. I sprits it roller with water to clean it and thought why waist it and the sprint roller method was created by me. thats right an original by me, myself & I... and i like it
I will so use it again

complete week of tags plus one. I guess I could add a place to journal and put them in a LO page. 
these are the back grounds and not sure if i want to go any further right at this moment. 
Hope you like!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


did I say LO a day or Tag? oops guess i still need to make a tag. wanted new and diff. I wanted to use embossing and like how the black edging looked on a layout i seen on a blog not sure where so i put the two ideas together.I used paint instead of ink around all edges.  picked out scrap pieces of paper i had for the embossing had red and rarely use red so their that is. Really didn't feel like writing today so i used my computer for the journaling and the title. ohh and had ideas on metal flowers. so i used my CUTTLEBUG to cut out the flowers out of a soda can & placed a red bling in the middle simple & cut i think if i do say so myself.

so a tag should be coming up shortly i hope probably use the same techniques i used hear for future reference
Ohh i forgot to mention that i used my dremel to sand around all the edges of this layout.
Love my Dremel, has so much power and no limitations. 
UIU i am using what i got.
thanks for stopping bye 
bye for now!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Daily Tag and a LO

the layout: used doilies in the frame below, cut out the piece of paper to make the frame and the scraps for the square that hold the journaling inside them the buttons with the flower on top hold the flaps down. they just pull out and open love this idea.
ripped the paper in the corner to put the yarn and inked edges give it that torn burned look.
crocheted flowers i made i used on top right and doily.
think it needs something but okay for now.
thanks for checking me out.

the Tag Tuesday tag using paper for background all purple strips and colored everything else with melted crayons. no inks except the words are from printer  colored flower with crayons also 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mondays Tag painted flowers with acrylic paints used paint on the back ground with acrylic glazing liquid
painted the seam binding the color came out awesome. 
painted the lil frame with black and gold to give it the metal look.
and painted over the metal brads that were green.
put a bow behind the flower and used a triangle piece of paper and hand pleated it by hand.

 hope you like inspiration from a picture.
thank you for looking.
bye for now

2 more tags

Good Morning there are to more tags. I know I said a Tag a Day from Monday to Friday but well I couldn't help my self. :) 

Here I had to think pink as these were a request from some special people. More than happy to make a tag and meet my quota. 

the left i used TH distress ink over the entire tag. then i dropped a homemade spray over in various spots using the CTMH refill inks. I used CTMH & Crafty Individuals stamps. The gibson girls being center of attention on these tags. so love these ladies. 

I used hot pink lace in the background, lace and string pearls. I also cut out 3 circles out of water color paper mounted on foam tape to bring them out some. because i am loving dimention? used black and white yarn from walmart, sprayed the white pink, takes color very well. i sprayed colors on mat then let the paper soak up the colors repeated 3 or 4 times till I got the look I was happy with. stamped images on top and wahlah popped up circles. 

added bling and the fibers to the top and the lace flowers with my paper leaves that i am o so proud of and love how realistic they look, added flowers i bought in a bouquet from the local family dollar and sprayed them with distess sprays i mixed and added the I AM ROSES flower on top and a beautiful tag if i do say so myself. 

hope you like it since the first tag goes out to Sandy J. 
and the second tag goes to Tanya

which on this tag i used seam binding and lace i sprayed. the background i sprayed different reinkers from CTMH and TH and like the color that came out then used a paint brush to drop on the drops on and let them drip down i did mix the reinkers with Acrylic Glazing Liquid. since i am to use different techniques while making these tags that made the reinkers look milky like that. I also stamped a heart in copper (color requested) and embossed with Lindys embossing powder cleopatra's copper. 
stamped around the edges in 3 different colors of green of momento inks and went around the edges in black TH distress ink that I blotted on mat and sprayed with water for different technique for me at least, paper just soaked it up distressed the edges with my dremel cause who doesnt love power!!!!
added a bead to the seam binding used hot glue to stick it down and tag number two was born from me. lol
I am now giving birth to tag? hummmm
if it works it works. 

hope you like the tags, stay tuned more to come, may just start streaming because it would be easier to show then to explain seems to me.

Thank you for looking please leave a comment or don't its all good
have a great week 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tag #1 for the first week. trying to use what i have in different ways. making a tag a day not sure how long it will last but givin it a try. here is first tag.

ok here is tags 1 through 4 cause i wont be able to make on thurday do to work :( but all are different and if google was working properly I would describe what i did in each on but since i cant it will have to wait for another day hope you like what you see. I just played and had fun.
bye for now !!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

ATC from my partner moonjoyce!

I got it!!!!!!! 
Joyce I got my beautiful ATC awesome job Thank you very much. 
cant wait to swap again. its awesome Joyce hope your ready for Mays ATC swap cause i know i am 
bring it Joyce show everyone whatcha got!!!
ohh did I mention this is her 
I am a lucky one.

attempts and my atc for joyce swap

 Hello all who read what I write good luck in reading what I write no spell check allowed here thank you. lol
so I was thinking the other night that i need to develop what i do using what i got and making more use of it. so i will be making a tag monday thru friday and using what i have an never in the same way at least 5 elements in the tag and never repeating with the same technique so i hope i can figure out many different ways to use what i got. wish me luck I'm gonna need it ty for reading

Next, I have my ATC that i have made for Moonlitrose or joyce I hope she likes it and hope i doesnt get thrown in a drawer some where and never to be seen of again. J/k joyce hehehe
enjoy this was made just for you from the the one and only me 
its a one of a kind just like you!!

love the colors dont you !!!!

i believe its tripe but tripas is what we call this i just wanted to share what was cooking when i received my secret sister box. really gross looking but after it was fried outdoors it made  some really good tacos.

MY SS BOX round 2

Sarah Allen was my secret sister awesome artist. She hand made me this card, album, stick pins and Beautiful Box!!!!! 
This is the most beautiful box ever. so beautiful and it has my name on it. Thank you Laurel for hosting another round of the Secret Sister box swap.  So Loved everything Sarah made me and so much thought into it and work. I am very luck that Sarah had me as her secret sister. Thank you so much Sarah awesome box Love the box ohh and I so LOVE my box!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring is here!!

Love my lilac early in the morning! Motivation of the day minus the messy house. Think I'll take the morning 2 myself & let Hailee sleep in. Drink coffee & listen to the quiet for a bit hope it lasts for a while. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LO's This week

My scrapbook layouts this week. steady working on at least a LO a day, some LO's take more than a day to work on. Only because I'm not fully happy with it so I add more. 
papers name not sure who makes cause the paper I have had forever and tossed the info so long ago.

I consider this my UIU projects. I refuse to buy anymore paper till i use most of the stuff i have first. Love working on layouts so i will considerate on what I love to do. hope you like also 

on this layout I have a little tab off to the left there for journaling. sewed yarn around the edges and used a doily from my ss box swap. I think top pink page still needs something, I'll figure it out. maybe a little date embellishment stamped cut out or something. 

 My daughters birthday pictures she is a superstar everyday of the year but her birthday is when she shines the most.
Not sure if i like the way I laid out this page but i like the elements on it and the movement of it all. the bottom right corner holds another fold out that holds more pictures. I love the look of mini albums and the interaction so i try and incorporate that in my LO's why not on a scrapbook page its my scrapbook right.  

so onto the next LO's have to UIU my stash. I did cut down on my 8.5 x11 papers bye giving them to my daughter they went through that in 2 days and they had fun doing it. 
Have a great day!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Felicia's ATC sketch challenge

Don't  hate me because im beautiful. lol This is the same sketch and my outlook Felicia challenged me. well what else could i say but lets do it BIGSHOT! hehehe hope you like it Felicia all the info is on her blog just click HERE to see the sketch and her version of what happened lol
Thank you bigshot Hope you all are up for the sketch challenge, if you can handle it? LOL

Monday, March 19, 2012

SS box swap and more

this is my hording packet that was sent to my by a dear friend she is awesome. my question is how long can i hoard before i have to just UIU. I like just staring at it all so pretty and lovely and special. Thank you   felicia i had nothing like this until you blessed me with it. thank you so much love it but i just want to stare and hold and pet it for a while longer. every time i get to playing i just put it back cause i dont want to mess up how pretty it all is. love it and i will play eventually.
Thank you 

So know i have to show off my fat cat that some day soon will give my some kittens but she is a stubborn cow and don't to pop even though I have asked her to nicely.

Fat cat next to my scrapbook area, she likes to be close right now but who knows later. I like to roll the lint remover tape roller on her cause their is no way she is gonna get cat hair in my area! huh no way in heck thats gonna happen. so i think. lol
love tigger the fat cat.

Last but not least here is my Secret Sister box swap box I received in the mail today! love everything. 
beautiful jars love the hand dyed trim and the tags are beautiful  too. 
thank you kim for you hard work and beautiful ideas. 
I just wish i wasn't so tortured with the lack of the name 
luckily our ustream family was able to help locate my Secret Sister. 
awesome work Kim thank you again.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

working on some ideas.

 cricut cut outs, always make sure blade is new when cutting delicate items. I found out the hard way about dull blades. 
so I used my gypsy to manipulate the images i have put the together and pasted layers together. 

painted the white cardstock  black and tried to different techniques after this part. but used rub n buff  to give it the metal look.

hear are both completely different but this is my tim holts wanna be book plates but all paper. 
all this needs is a word in the middle.

Friday, March 16, 2012

just for fun tag

made this tag just for fun Made the flowers so need a tag for the flowers and this is what i came up with. with some suggestions from sandy j with the brown on the side think it came out cute. not my colors really but I liked the turn out. It's alright i like it so must be alright. 
Love my paper flowers though,i likey them!!!!
ok really, this is last post of the day. really!
hummm I should probably post every time I finish something?
That sounds like a plan.

Great SS Box Swap 2012

Okay here it is the great secret sister box swap I entered. I joined the first swap and may not join the second one but so not sure as of yet.

I was Luck and unlucky to have Felicia as my SS to make the box for. Lucky cause she is one of the nicest people I am getting to know. sweet funny and considerate.
Unlucky cause OMG have you seen her stuff!! gorgeous her work is so opposite of mine. I'm lopsided she is so precise in every way. I am a stuff it in there type and she labels and packages everything. I am a grungy type, she is perfection.  should i say more. lol

nerve racking it was, but I tried my bestest. lol  so here is my box for her. you must check out her layout of the contents of the box because she made me look good in her pictures so please stop by Felicia's and check her out. ohh n dont for get to check out her ustream it was so funny and her beautiful box she created. awesome!!!! 

bye for now

Things I have been busy on this week.

I got the bug of crocheting tiny little apple blossom flowers this week. It was something i could do while elevating my darned foot. I truly am finally suffering for art. hehe I have made about 2 dozen of these so far but a total of maybe 3 dozen different flowers. love the little flowers plan on spraying and using on LO or  projects got an idea already buy you'll have to wait and see what I'm coming up with. 

Yes I filled one order for a lil buddy i know! ;) you know who you are.

Then once the ss box swap was over I started on my LO's again cause that's what i enjoy doing and I want to use my paper up. hardest thing to do is use pattern paper i have become accustom to using solid colors but i must grow and move on or why even buy the paper. The reason i bought the paper to begin with is for my scrapbooks but wouldn't use it up so 12 by 12 LO's is the perfect place to display my beautiful Family and paper. 
my girls at our yearly  Easter camping trip sweet girls at camp as long as they get there way.

yes we take our animals camping and hope they don't get chewed up by the while animal. so far real good. 

My son with his hunting knife helping grandma Sandra cut up guts for Menudo. Best when made out in the forest and with family. no showers usually make people a little nicer or unwilling to argue either way this is the only time we really all get along. love camping with the family but missed have my oldest son their this year. Maybe this years camping trip he can come back home and be with us. If school or work allows. I really could go on about this subject but i wont we will just leave it as i really miss and love my boy. 

So back on the ranch I have so many thing I am wanting to do. I have been thinking about lollipop flowers and wanting to make them but I had bought the wrong kinda fabric for the job. so thinking what i have plenty of and what i could use i tried it with paper.
  • using 4 different size circles of paper
  • distressing ink
  • glue dots 
  • water
  • heat gun 
I enjoyed it not exactly a lollipop flower but not to far off either i think i can make quit a few of these. plain circles who couldnt make them using scissor to cut out the circles that dont have to be straight cause as you all know I cant cut I shoot for crooked and hope for straight. tore the circles in a couple of places. enhancing my imperfections. I think i really like this style of flower. 

hope you like! I am working on its good cause I like it so there. happy if you like it and happy if you don't. lol  

I have more to post but since this is the latest stuff I wanted to post before I forget. 
later all have a great friday!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Needed a dress for the hangers i made

This is what i came up with but not what was in mind. Love it but beat so it will stay for now.