Friday, May 4, 2012

rest of the Tags for the week

I had an idea for a back ground so i sprayed away and wet embossed this paper. 
I could have kept adding images but i thought i should stop. i so liked spraying of it all but not happy with the shimmer i rather have had plane sprays so I will be making my own so i had to purchase the sprayers shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone. :)

then the tags for the week using different back ground techniques
made a video on the first one i just have to figure out how to make it shorter to put it on youtube
the yellow one at the end. I sprits it roller with water to clean it and thought why waist it and the sprint roller method was created by me. thats right an original by me, myself & I... and i like it
I will so use it again

complete week of tags plus one. I guess I could add a place to journal and put them in a LO page. 
these are the back grounds and not sure if i want to go any further right at this moment. 
Hope you like!

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