Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Art Journal of the Day. Last night I attempted an image transfer used Goldens clear tar gel medium and let it dry all night. This morning i rubbed away the back of image and my image was transferred.  I tried to use Autumn colors and used more of the clear tar gel to play and see how the paints would flow. Loved the difference, It let the paints flow on page instead of paper soaking it all up. the tar gel game my more time to move the paint around. Also used some oil pastels, walmart brand and found if you heat up the pastels you can also move it around the page but it does get hot. OIL pastels get HOT with heat! who would have guessed? duh me hehe. enjoying the play with different materials today i think this is the way to go really try different materials and find what i like the best. As of today I would have to say that I like it all just have to find the way to use the materials in the way that I like them. still have to do a page for the NaNo JuNo challenge and a couple of cards for Thanks giving and xmas ohhh and also a SB page for PackerDi challenge. I'm gonna play a whole lot this week hope you get to do the same.
Sure glad i have a job and a husband that allows me to play when i want. Happy days. Leave a comment if you like and even if you dont like.

Horse for my daughters friend

This using walmart brand pastel chalks for my daughter. For some reason she told her friend her mom was an artist. After asking my Rainy why did you do this she said because you are. Her friend asked her if i could draw a horse for her. well Rain said sure. After a week and a half i finally got around to it while she sat next to me  quietly :). I decided to use chalks knowing pencil would take me longer. hour with chalks and this came out i surprised my self. 

Looked for a horse on the internet this was the picture i liked this most. What a beautiful horse but Rainy said brown so, brown it is.  Hope  Rainy's friend likes it. I'm kind of sad to part with it but at least i have a picture i think next I will try to draw one of my children or something. 
     I think I may have just found my art tool of choice? liked the way it blended on page and how forgiving chalk is. I hope you all like! Had to Thank Rainy for the inspiration we enjoyed the process together. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

nano juno page of the day!

To art or not to art. Learning if I am inspired I should just go with it instead of procrastinating and letting the art leave me. Just let it out, I am very happy with this page
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

the binder with an awsome binding

who needs tim holtz when my mind works so well to get what i want. I have so many of these 2inch binder rings and i plan on using them all up with no this is the newest binding i have worked on my idea you heard it here first or read it here first. lol. Here is the binding on the inside two binder rings and heavy weight chipboard. I cut out to slits in the center of the spine of the binder to be. on the outside of the binder  i wrapped seam binding around the rings to keep it from falling back threw and to cover up that the rings where there i really like the ribbons and lace tied to the binder rings and like the look of the spine on a book so i came up with this. I plan on making a video on it soon as i feel better. I seam binding is wrapped by making knots and wrapped around and knots. hard to explain.i plan on tying more ribbons and lace around the rings on the out side of the binder. and on the inside i used a plastic water bottle for the ease of turning the pages works real well their is no pic here but i will show on a video.hope you enjoy and are inspired to make your own.
I love the cover and the binder this is my comfy coffee fairy album to keep all my internet friends info in. Thank you for reading!

EASEL and new to-be project

Here is another project I am working on. Used medium weight chipboard and made a little easel. Just to display current small projects or to place inspirations of the moment. My plan is to decorate it but i wonder if it will take away from the object that will be placed on it. this is still in the thinking process. update to be sorry not to interesting. yet! 
 My husband gave me these boxes we both liked the packaging on these. when did my husband get into me crafting, kinda neat. His friend from Oklahoma traded him these beers for his famous salsa. My hubby makes the best salsa ohh and with chips mmmmmm. so good. any way, back to the main convo. so, you are looking at project # ? that i will be working on. I sure do hope i dont start collecting beer boxes i dont have the room for it but i also have to save labels and caps, i just have to... I think i see a wall hanging or something untill then this will be on that easel or at least next to it. this is a to be continued project........

Keys made of UTEE.

This is my first attempt at molds it worked out ok but I'm sure I'll get better. I have no complaints until I use a professional mold but I don't think that will happen any time soon.

These are the keys made of UTEE I used the melting pot to melt the UTEE and poured into mold. have to be quick cause it drys up fast. waited about 5 minutes and popped out the keys. Painted with black acrylic paint and waited for them to dry. I also tried some with white paint for a different look and feel.

I used some rub n buff to rub over the keys to give a more defined look. More realistic I think.I loved the way they turned out and i will use them in LO and other artistic creations on mine. I also tryied a flower. I poured out UTEE onto a non stick mat pressed the rubber stamp into the UTEE and let it sit for a moment. I was scared to do this thinking that the stamp would melt or deform in some way but the stamp was fine. Then painted black and and again with the rub n buff using my finger i just rubbed over the flower and walah i have a medallion looking flower.

Easy Mold silicone putty is what i used i had no problems with it. Since this is my first attempt at molds i have nothing else to compare this to. worked well i have no complains. I purchased this on ebay. Hope you give this a try i think you will love it. I did try using the Fimo clay but i think mine was to old to manipulate into the molds so using the UTEE was the second choice for making of the keys but i do love how it turned out and it does look like clay. The only thing i think i would have a problem is gluing them down. I will keep you updated. Thank you for Taking your time to read my blog hope it was time well spent.