Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keys made of UTEE.

This is my first attempt at molds it worked out ok but I'm sure I'll get better. I have no complaints until I use a professional mold but I don't think that will happen any time soon.

These are the keys made of UTEE I used the melting pot to melt the UTEE and poured into mold. have to be quick cause it drys up fast. waited about 5 minutes and popped out the keys. Painted with black acrylic paint and waited for them to dry. I also tried some with white paint for a different look and feel.

I used some rub n buff to rub over the keys to give a more defined look. More realistic I think.I loved the way they turned out and i will use them in LO and other artistic creations on mine. I also tryied a flower. I poured out UTEE onto a non stick mat pressed the rubber stamp into the UTEE and let it sit for a moment. I was scared to do this thinking that the stamp would melt or deform in some way but the stamp was fine. Then painted black and and again with the rub n buff using my finger i just rubbed over the flower and walah i have a medallion looking flower.

Easy Mold silicone putty is what i used i had no problems with it. Since this is my first attempt at molds i have nothing else to compare this to. worked well i have no complains. I purchased this on ebay. Hope you give this a try i think you will love it. I did try using the Fimo clay but i think mine was to old to manipulate into the molds so using the UTEE was the second choice for making of the keys but i do love how it turned out and it does look like clay. The only thing i think i would have a problem is gluing them down. I will keep you updated. Thank you for Taking your time to read my blog hope it was time well spent. 

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