Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Art Journal of the Day. Last night I attempted an image transfer used Goldens clear tar gel medium and let it dry all night. This morning i rubbed away the back of image and my image was transferred.  I tried to use Autumn colors and used more of the clear tar gel to play and see how the paints would flow. Loved the difference, It let the paints flow on page instead of paper soaking it all up. the tar gel game my more time to move the paint around. Also used some oil pastels, walmart brand and found if you heat up the pastels you can also move it around the page but it does get hot. OIL pastels get HOT with heat! who would have guessed? duh me hehe. enjoying the play with different materials today i think this is the way to go really try different materials and find what i like the best. As of today I would have to say that I like it all just have to find the way to use the materials in the way that I like them. still have to do a page for the NaNo JuNo challenge and a couple of cards for Thanks giving and xmas ohhh and also a SB page for PackerDi challenge. I'm gonna play a whole lot this week hope you get to do the same.
Sure glad i have a job and a husband that allows me to play when i want. Happy days. Leave a comment if you like and even if you dont like.


  1. Fantastic Page, the image transfer looks awesome xo

  2. What an awesome page.
    I really like all the different mediums you used. I haven't used any of these myself