Thursday, December 1, 2011

been away for a minute

Hi been doing the family thing and not Arting/ scrapbooking as much. Misssing in action from my creative side also been working on a float for our local xmas parade. We (girlscouts) entered a float in the parade and it seems to be taking alot of our time up. Two more days and I should be almost back to creative self again. My ideas are here so i should write them down but i would just end up losing the paper they are written on so either way i hope i can remember. one thing i plan on working on is a canvas my ideas are many and i want to hang in dinning room so i sure better work hard on this one. I just hope I can transfer my ideas to canvas? will be fun trying. I may just stream it Just so people can laugh at amateur night on stream or comment maybe some where after this week is up so cant wait.well back to life see you all later thanks for reading 

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  1. I. was. Here. U. Have. Been. Bookmarked. *giggle* Have a wonderful rest of your day! *huggles* =0)