Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Videos hope they are getting better

alright so here is my leaf makin tut vid. hope you like.

This is the end result of the mini album i won from Tara's blog. she make the best albums. Thank you again Tara I am very lucky to have won this.

ATC workshop

These last few days I've been working on ATC's. Once I finish them all i will post them. Till then I believe i have finally perfected my leaves. Love making them and finally found the right tools to make them. My video should be uploaded soon. Ahh another video! I figured out the only way I, in this home n in my life, then only way i can make a video is if i do it with not sound.reason being their is always someone yelling or talking to me. I guess i could have just said interrupting but that word really does fit so, i guess in one word i would have to say, hummm. I cant think of one word that covers it so we will have to say living actively in my  These are some of the flowers I've been working on along with my leaves that i just love. Video to come.  My desk is a mess right now but i think I am getting it to where i need it to be so my creativity can flow(crazy). found a great site that give free printables Really like her clock faces so I printed out a few of those and some Tags. free is always good. you should really check the site out. well that is it for now until the video finished uploading. Hope you like. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, July 18, 2011

LO's while watching ustream all day!!!

   Today I ustreamed most of the day with Rach0113 awesome artist. she streamed for 2 days what a champ. great stream Rach. while she did her thing, I did mine. 2 LO's.  I was motivated by her work not that I am even close to her level but this is where my heart is so i continue. My layouts are for my children, so they can look back. They are for me so I can relax and let my mind flow where ever it wants to. I think you can tell where my mind is when you look at my LO's.
     The Moments layout is about my daughter which loves pink and i wanted to to put the flowers i made on her layout since she is the one that loves pretty things. when she laughs i laugh, when she's angry so am I she is my mood. lol.
This next LO I really liked the paper so i let the paper work for me i think i got a bit crazy with the swirly deals but i continued. the flower in the center i used cause my son mad the paper for me to use in scrapbooking. I have awesome children they love to watch me Scrapbook but they also love to paint too.
   Without my babies I really don't know what i would ever want to scrapbook about. They are my MUSE. thanks for stopping by hope you like the layouts

Thursday, July 14, 2011

paper flowers

My paper flowers inspired by my mini album from Tara. Thought I should make them since I have 2 wait 2 buy I am roses flower. Paper sure does make a difference when making these. Hope u like. 2 b continued.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy mail from tara

Now I now why they call it happy mail. Thank you so much as you can tell we really loved it. Sorry 4 the craziness but that is our house hold. Just plain crazy!
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my post card creation

New stamps from lost coast design and stamp from CTMH. I also used lace and threads. A stick pin plus negative die cuts from cricut up in corner. A shapeabilities pendant eyelets and print out face. I really let it create itself. I enjoyed this process.
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my danglie paper clip

Made this so i could clip it on a book or for me my binder that i keep at my table. this tear drop thingie is from my childhood actually my mothers gold lamp. I had to have this bling for myself how i maintained it for so long i have no idea its one of the few thing that i managed to keep. i was watching Dede on and she said she liked the danglies she called it journaling bling or something, but cant have it on her journals cause she dont like them in the way. So, I thought i should post this cause you can put this on your journals and still take it off so it wont be in the way. I hope you enjoy this idea i love the bling and like to keep it close but sometimes it needs to be put to the side.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011 order FINALLY arrived

Just got my order in. Glad I feel like playing. So excited!
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Friday, July 8, 2011

LO again

A page on my son 8 Bday while fighting the erge 4 a cigg
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

up-date on my drawing/ painting ?

So this is my updated drawing/ drawing hope you like. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We sure did, we stayed home and lite fireworks thankfully no new fires where started in town. God is taking care of us. I took so many pics. kids in the pool( me too shh),BBQ husbands family came over and just enjoyed the fireworks and family. It was a good time. Wish my oldest was home but he is off at Gma's still hope he is behaving. well that is it for now. till the next post.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Page using more inks than patterned paper

Felt like using more pens and ink than patterned paper.started with plain white paper. than journaled & titeled on the paper itself. colored it in. inked around patterend paper and title with sponge I used TH distressed inks and used stamps and all over. I think i should have torn the edges of the pictures but couldn't bring myself to do so.

Another drawing.

Forgot to post this just playing around with the inktense again. I think i need to draw a bit more cause i think this is where i lose my mind. This was relaxing the only thing is that i noticed i need more of these colors cause i really enjoyed drawing this.shes a bit spooky but fun to just be in the drawing.

LO & Stuff.

LO of oldest daughter. Not very happy with how it came out think i need a new system. start with the journaling end with the LO. I am ok with everything else but the journal spot.
   Last night I ran out of cigarettes I think I will survive. The morning cigarette Is the hardest not to smoke. I am always starting and stopping but this time seems to  be the hardest. I know the smoke cuts off my creativity. I do believe that's what is holding me back. We will see if I can do it I may have to buy one more pack just to get me through the holiday weekend, I mean why should my family deal with all the crankiness. Now they will think why is mom being so mean they don't even know i have been smoking for the last 8 months. I guess this post really isn't about the LO but it helps keep get what every I have on my mind out. I will do deep breaths and drink lots of water for the next 3 days since these days are the hardest.
    Today I will work on my functional book in progress. needs some kinda tags and Tabs and cutouts papers, and and and well i will soon find out what my project will need. I have been thinking about it so I will work with that..
  oh yeah I had forgot to mention my husband bought me a new canon camera. Love it so I went around the house playing with it super awesome, love the pictures and how fast it is and it comes with lenses, bag, and a tripod so I will have to try to make another YT video maybe I will have to be creative for it. I think I understand how to get a simple vid out. I may give it a try. well until the next post..