Friday, July 1, 2011

LO & Stuff.

LO of oldest daughter. Not very happy with how it came out think i need a new system. start with the journaling end with the LO. I am ok with everything else but the journal spot.
   Last night I ran out of cigarettes I think I will survive. The morning cigarette Is the hardest not to smoke. I am always starting and stopping but this time seems to  be the hardest. I know the smoke cuts off my creativity. I do believe that's what is holding me back. We will see if I can do it I may have to buy one more pack just to get me through the holiday weekend, I mean why should my family deal with all the crankiness. Now they will think why is mom being so mean they don't even know i have been smoking for the last 8 months. I guess this post really isn't about the LO but it helps keep get what every I have on my mind out. I will do deep breaths and drink lots of water for the next 3 days since these days are the hardest.
    Today I will work on my functional book in progress. needs some kinda tags and Tabs and cutouts papers, and and and well i will soon find out what my project will need. I have been thinking about it so I will work with that..
  oh yeah I had forgot to mention my husband bought me a new canon camera. Love it so I went around the house playing with it super awesome, love the pictures and how fast it is and it comes with lenses, bag, and a tripod so I will have to try to make another YT video maybe I will have to be creative for it. I think I understand how to get a simple vid out. I may give it a try. well until the next post..

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