Monday, July 18, 2011

LO's while watching ustream all day!!!

   Today I ustreamed most of the day with Rach0113 awesome artist. she streamed for 2 days what a champ. great stream Rach. while she did her thing, I did mine. 2 LO's.  I was motivated by her work not that I am even close to her level but this is where my heart is so i continue. My layouts are for my children, so they can look back. They are for me so I can relax and let my mind flow where ever it wants to. I think you can tell where my mind is when you look at my LO's.
     The Moments layout is about my daughter which loves pink and i wanted to to put the flowers i made on her layout since she is the one that loves pretty things. when she laughs i laugh, when she's angry so am I she is my mood. lol.
This next LO I really liked the paper so i let the paper work for me i think i got a bit crazy with the swirly deals but i continued. the flower in the center i used cause my son mad the paper for me to use in scrapbooking. I have awesome children they love to watch me Scrapbook but they also love to paint too.
   Without my babies I really don't know what i would ever want to scrapbook about. They are my MUSE. thanks for stopping by hope you like the layouts


  1. They are both nice lo's and no you didn't go crazy with the flourishes. TFS

  2. Both of your layouts are gorgeous. WOW.
    I love how your worded this " She is my mood".