Sunday, July 31, 2011

ATC workshop

These last few days I've been working on ATC's. Once I finish them all i will post them. Till then I believe i have finally perfected my leaves. Love making them and finally found the right tools to make them. My video should be uploaded soon. Ahh another video! I figured out the only way I, in this home n in my life, then only way i can make a video is if i do it with not sound.reason being their is always someone yelling or talking to me. I guess i could have just said interrupting but that word really does fit so, i guess in one word i would have to say, hummm. I cant think of one word that covers it so we will have to say living actively in my  These are some of the flowers I've been working on along with my leaves that i just love. Video to come.  My desk is a mess right now but i think I am getting it to where i need it to be so my creativity can flow(crazy). found a great site that give free printables Really like her clock faces so I printed out a few of those and some Tags. free is always good. you should really check the site out. well that is it for now until the video finished uploading. Hope you like. Thanks for visiting.

1 comment:

  1. Your flowers are so pretty.
    I will have to check out your video :)