Thursday, December 12, 2013

today I rambled on about 5 different filofaxes on youtube. I had it planned to make these videos because i received a comment about making one on my Domino so i just did a video on all of them 5 video's. so hope you go buy and check them out. I am still waiting for the upload hope its done some time today.

this week I haven't felt like doing much of anything i believe it to be because i know that the kids will be here with me for 2 weeks for the Christmas break. now having them home for the evenings is one thing but all day! I can already hear the arguments.  I promise not to sleep in late and try and avoid my kids. I promise to not be referee but let them work out there problems. I am taking a break now because I know what I am in for during this break. ohh joy. I must make plans for us so that way it wont be that bad. Have things for them to do and enjoy so they don't beat on each other. wish me luck on this school break. I hope I make it back in one piece. although I miss my babies all day that they are in class, I won't be volunteering that much these last few days. considering this time my pre-vacation vacation. those of you that have kids will understand and those of you who don't well I'm sure i will be wanting to be like you after the new year. lol just kidding. I love my babies not that they are babies but they will be for me for always.

need to start taking pics of my layouts and put them up here but that will be another day.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New years!!! in case i don't write again before then.