Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LO's This week

My scrapbook layouts this week. steady working on at least a LO a day, some LO's take more than a day to work on. Only because I'm not fully happy with it so I add more. 
papers name not sure who makes cause the paper I have had forever and tossed the info so long ago.

I consider this my UIU projects. I refuse to buy anymore paper till i use most of the stuff i have first. Love working on layouts so i will considerate on what I love to do. hope you like also 

on this layout I have a little tab off to the left there for journaling. sewed yarn around the edges and used a doily from my ss box swap. I think top pink page still needs something, I'll figure it out. maybe a little date embellishment stamped cut out or something. 

 My daughters birthday pictures she is a superstar everyday of the year but her birthday is when she shines the most.
Not sure if i like the way I laid out this page but i like the elements on it and the movement of it all. the bottom right corner holds another fold out that holds more pictures. I love the look of mini albums and the interaction so i try and incorporate that in my LO's why not on a scrapbook page its my scrapbook right.  

so onto the next LO's have to UIU my stash. I did cut down on my 8.5 x11 papers bye giving them to my daughter they went through that in 2 days and they had fun doing it. 
Have a great day!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Felicia's ATC sketch challenge

Don't  hate me because im beautiful. lol This is the same sketch and my outlook Felicia challenged me. well what else could i say but lets do it BIGSHOT! hehehe hope you like it Felicia all the info is on her blog just click HERE to see the sketch and her version of what happened lol
Thank you bigshot Hope you all are up for the sketch challenge, if you can handle it? LOL

Monday, March 19, 2012

SS box swap and more

this is my hording packet that was sent to my by a dear friend she is awesome. my question is how long can i hoard before i have to just UIU. I like just staring at it all so pretty and lovely and special. Thank you   felicia i had nothing like this until you blessed me with it. thank you so much love it but i just want to stare and hold and pet it for a while longer. every time i get to playing i just put it back cause i dont want to mess up how pretty it all is. love it and i will play eventually.
Thank you 

So know i have to show off my fat cat that some day soon will give my some kittens but she is a stubborn cow and don't to pop even though I have asked her to nicely.

Fat cat next to my scrapbook area, she likes to be close right now but who knows later. I like to roll the lint remover tape roller on her cause their is no way she is gonna get cat hair in my area! huh no way in heck thats gonna happen. so i think. lol
love tigger the fat cat.

Last but not least here is my Secret Sister box swap box I received in the mail today! love everything. 
beautiful jars love the hand dyed trim and the tags are beautiful  too. 
thank you kim for you hard work and beautiful ideas. 
I just wish i wasn't so tortured with the lack of the name 
luckily our ustream family was able to help locate my Secret Sister. 
awesome work Kim thank you again.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

working on some ideas.

 cricut cut outs, always make sure blade is new when cutting delicate items. I found out the hard way about dull blades. 
so I used my gypsy to manipulate the images i have put the together and pasted layers together. 

painted the white cardstock  black and tried to different techniques after this part. but used rub n buff  to give it the metal look.

hear are both completely different but this is my tim holts wanna be book plates but all paper. 
all this needs is a word in the middle.

Friday, March 16, 2012

just for fun tag

made this tag just for fun Made the flowers so need a tag for the flowers and this is what i came up with. with some suggestions from sandy j with the brown on the side think it came out cute. not my colors really but I liked the turn out. It's alright i like it so must be alright. 
Love my paper flowers though,i likey them!!!!
ok really, this is last post of the day. really!
hummm I should probably post every time I finish something?
That sounds like a plan.

Great SS Box Swap 2012

Okay here it is the great secret sister box swap I entered. I joined the first swap and may not join the second one but so not sure as of yet.

I was Luck and unlucky to have Felicia as my SS to make the box for. Lucky cause she is one of the nicest people I am getting to know. sweet funny and considerate.
Unlucky cause OMG have you seen her stuff!! gorgeous her work is so opposite of mine. I'm lopsided she is so precise in every way. I am a stuff it in there type and she labels and packages everything. I am a grungy type, she is perfection.  should i say more. lol

nerve racking it was, but I tried my bestest. lol  so here is my box for her. you must check out her layout of the contents of the box because she made me look good in her pictures so please stop by Felicia's and check her out. ohh n dont for get to check out her ustream it was so funny and her beautiful box she created. awesome!!!! 

bye for now

Things I have been busy on this week.

I got the bug of crocheting tiny little apple blossom flowers this week. It was something i could do while elevating my darned foot. I truly am finally suffering for art. hehe I have made about 2 dozen of these so far but a total of maybe 3 dozen different flowers. love the little flowers plan on spraying and using on LO or  projects got an idea already buy you'll have to wait and see what I'm coming up with. 

Yes I filled one order for a lil buddy i know! ;) you know who you are.

Then once the ss box swap was over I started on my LO's again cause that's what i enjoy doing and I want to use my paper up. hardest thing to do is use pattern paper i have become accustom to using solid colors but i must grow and move on or why even buy the paper. The reason i bought the paper to begin with is for my scrapbooks but wouldn't use it up so 12 by 12 LO's is the perfect place to display my beautiful Family and paper. 
my girls at our yearly  Easter camping trip sweet girls at camp as long as they get there way.

yes we take our animals camping and hope they don't get chewed up by the while animal. so far real good. 

My son with his hunting knife helping grandma Sandra cut up guts for Menudo. Best when made out in the forest and with family. no showers usually make people a little nicer or unwilling to argue either way this is the only time we really all get along. love camping with the family but missed have my oldest son their this year. Maybe this years camping trip he can come back home and be with us. If school or work allows. I really could go on about this subject but i wont we will just leave it as i really miss and love my boy. 

So back on the ranch I have so many thing I am wanting to do. I have been thinking about lollipop flowers and wanting to make them but I had bought the wrong kinda fabric for the job. so thinking what i have plenty of and what i could use i tried it with paper.
  • using 4 different size circles of paper
  • distressing ink
  • glue dots 
  • water
  • heat gun 
I enjoyed it not exactly a lollipop flower but not to far off either i think i can make quit a few of these. plain circles who couldnt make them using scissor to cut out the circles that dont have to be straight cause as you all know I cant cut I shoot for crooked and hope for straight. tore the circles in a couple of places. enhancing my imperfections. I think i really like this style of flower. 

hope you like! I am working on its good cause I like it so there. happy if you like it and happy if you don't. lol  

I have more to post but since this is the latest stuff I wanted to post before I forget. 
later all have a great friday!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Needed a dress for the hangers i made

This is what i came up with but not what was in mind. Love it but beat so it will stay for now.
made my own hangers today too.I've been busy today so love these cant wait to make the dress to go with it!!!

My Girls

My baby girl on one warm winters day. My sweet child only on pictures. she dressed herself this day. she said she was going to be popular this day. Loved seeing her like this. All this just to go play out in the back yard gotta love my babies.

This is my first daughter she is usually the one to dress up to go play outside but not this day she went with the flow. hard at work  just happy to be out in the warm sun. Love these children of mine. ohh and that is her walking stick she is caring there.

Just playing with what i got!

Playing with scraps wanting to UIU I so Love weathered wood.  since I only had Popsicle sticks i worked my imaginary magic. lol it works for me. dont judge! hehe

    i love glass jars and have the habit of just collecting them so I embellished mine. i think it came out cute  love looking at them them just playing around but they are pretty so i dont mind and used scraps love how they came out. hope you enjoy I know I did. thanks for reading