Monday, March 19, 2012

SS box swap and more

this is my hording packet that was sent to my by a dear friend she is awesome. my question is how long can i hoard before i have to just UIU. I like just staring at it all so pretty and lovely and special. Thank you   felicia i had nothing like this until you blessed me with it. thank you so much love it but i just want to stare and hold and pet it for a while longer. every time i get to playing i just put it back cause i dont want to mess up how pretty it all is. love it and i will play eventually.
Thank you 

So know i have to show off my fat cat that some day soon will give my some kittens but she is a stubborn cow and don't to pop even though I have asked her to nicely.

Fat cat next to my scrapbook area, she likes to be close right now but who knows later. I like to roll the lint remover tape roller on her cause their is no way she is gonna get cat hair in my area! huh no way in heck thats gonna happen. so i think. lol
love tigger the fat cat.

Last but not least here is my Secret Sister box swap box I received in the mail today! love everything. 
beautiful jars love the hand dyed trim and the tags are beautiful  too. 
thank you kim for you hard work and beautiful ideas. 
I just wish i wasn't so tortured with the lack of the name 
luckily our ustream family was able to help locate my Secret Sister. 
awesome work Kim thank you again.


  1. (((HUGS))) You are so very welcome!! Use it dang it! There is more where that came from *giggle* You have seen my room right? LOLOL Loveeeeee the kitty photo! She looks totally content lol

  2. Hey Katie...
    Sorry for the torture with the no name on the box...I really was not sure when I was supposed to reveal me...LOL...By the way thanks so much for the Upsteam wow got tons of hits on the blog...I need to learn how to do that for some of my stuff. Your kitty looks just like mine...her name is Punky...right now she is getting fat and sassy because she is getting older :( but she looks just like your kitty with babies! Hope you are enjoying your box and its was soooo fun making it for you! LATER...Kim