Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LO's This week

My scrapbook layouts this week. steady working on at least a LO a day, some LO's take more than a day to work on. Only because I'm not fully happy with it so I add more. 
papers name not sure who makes cause the paper I have had forever and tossed the info so long ago.

I consider this my UIU projects. I refuse to buy anymore paper till i use most of the stuff i have first. Love working on layouts so i will considerate on what I love to do. hope you like also 

on this layout I have a little tab off to the left there for journaling. sewed yarn around the edges and used a doily from my ss box swap. I think top pink page still needs something, I'll figure it out. maybe a little date embellishment stamped cut out or something. 

 My daughters birthday pictures she is a superstar everyday of the year but her birthday is when she shines the most.
Not sure if i like the way I laid out this page but i like the elements on it and the movement of it all. the bottom right corner holds another fold out that holds more pictures. I love the look of mini albums and the interaction so i try and incorporate that in my LO's why not on a scrapbook page its my scrapbook right.  

so onto the next LO's have to UIU my stash. I did cut down on my 8.5 x11 papers bye giving them to my daughter they went through that in 2 days and they had fun doing it. 
Have a great day!!

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