Friday, March 16, 2012

Things I have been busy on this week.

I got the bug of crocheting tiny little apple blossom flowers this week. It was something i could do while elevating my darned foot. I truly am finally suffering for art. hehe I have made about 2 dozen of these so far but a total of maybe 3 dozen different flowers. love the little flowers plan on spraying and using on LO or  projects got an idea already buy you'll have to wait and see what I'm coming up with. 

Yes I filled one order for a lil buddy i know! ;) you know who you are.

Then once the ss box swap was over I started on my LO's again cause that's what i enjoy doing and I want to use my paper up. hardest thing to do is use pattern paper i have become accustom to using solid colors but i must grow and move on or why even buy the paper. The reason i bought the paper to begin with is for my scrapbooks but wouldn't use it up so 12 by 12 LO's is the perfect place to display my beautiful Family and paper. 
my girls at our yearly  Easter camping trip sweet girls at camp as long as they get there way.

yes we take our animals camping and hope they don't get chewed up by the while animal. so far real good. 

My son with his hunting knife helping grandma Sandra cut up guts for Menudo. Best when made out in the forest and with family. no showers usually make people a little nicer or unwilling to argue either way this is the only time we really all get along. love camping with the family but missed have my oldest son their this year. Maybe this years camping trip he can come back home and be with us. If school or work allows. I really could go on about this subject but i wont we will just leave it as i really miss and love my boy. 

So back on the ranch I have so many thing I am wanting to do. I have been thinking about lollipop flowers and wanting to make them but I had bought the wrong kinda fabric for the job. so thinking what i have plenty of and what i could use i tried it with paper.
  • using 4 different size circles of paper
  • distressing ink
  • glue dots 
  • water
  • heat gun 
I enjoyed it not exactly a lollipop flower but not to far off either i think i can make quit a few of these. plain circles who couldnt make them using scissor to cut out the circles that dont have to be straight cause as you all know I cant cut I shoot for crooked and hope for straight. tore the circles in a couple of places. enhancing my imperfections. I think i really like this style of flower. 

hope you like! I am working on its good cause I like it so there. happy if you like it and happy if you don't. lol  

I have more to post but since this is the latest stuff I wanted to post before I forget. 
later all have a great friday!!


  1. wow you have been busy, looking forward to seeing your project with the little flowers.

  2. OMGOSH those layouts are amazing!!! You and me.. we goota do some sketch challenges or something. How fun would that be!

    (pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee say I am the lil buddy!!)

    LOVEEEEE the flower!

    Did I mention that I would loveeeeeeeeee to be "lil buddy" just sayin...

    Later Mater!