Friday, June 24, 2011

An Art Journal Page.

Laying in bed listening to VickiBR on ustream felt like drawing. Looking at my daughter made a fairy using her face as inspiration. Never colored in a picture I drew before. I figured i would use the inktense I just got. should have used water color paper instead of sketch paper. cause it kinda rubbed away bits of paper. Love the INKTENSE by DERWENT. The color is really intense. The other water colors are from CTMH they were nice until i found these guys. I think i need some gesso over it i may just cover it up or at least the outer parts of it. Had fun with that.
Today was the last day of Tech camp for the kids so now i can vegg out for the rest of the summer. Would be nice but not possible as i have 3 kids and a hubby to take care of. Life is good If  I relaxed any more I'd be dead.
Hubby working nights and the kids and I are watching Shrek forever after, its a cute movie. guess i should really watch it and not be on the computer . so off i go.

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