Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday morning blues

I have no mojo this morning. I attempted a mini album but NADA! picked paper tried a cut but I wasn't happy with the result so instead of getting frustrated I put it away. Then I attempted to organize another area of my desk but, I'm just not in the mood. I thought  I could decorate my wooden caddy & that was a no go. Just watching scrapbeach on ustream but Its so slow It's aggravating me. I guess I will try some music and breakfast hopefully that works cause I'm in the mood to do something other than cleaning but, Its just not going on for me this morning & I just received 2 hundred plus pictures from shutterfly. Its not that i don't have things I want to do I just don't have the drive this morning and the kids are still asleep so its perfect timing to scrapbook. I just don't know whats my deal. This is good I guess i felt like blogging this morning.  Now for a pic insert hummmmm, I guess...............blah blah blah... .lol i so crazy sometimes i have to laugh even if its at my self

1 comment:

  1. I hate when I lose my will to create. I will have 1oo's of ideas in my head, but my butt stays on the couch with my laptop, lol.
    Hope you get your mojo back :)