Tuesday, June 21, 2011

forced to get my groove back.

this picture is what got me started again. I was cleaning up and forgot i had put it in the cabinet and thought ohh how cute. I was amazed at myself that i did that. I know crazy. I forced myself to make another LO and well how could i pass up this face.
 So this is the latest and greatest in my collection. I thought i was done but then thought i have to finish it. Its doesn't look right so, i added the button and flowers on the right side and stamped the image of the bottle. cut it out and popped it out with foam dots added a white bow and the swirl deal on the right bottom of picture. I still want something on it but not sure what i used scraps for this LO.
This LO is the one i had done before i went on my so called vacation it was of our last summer vacation trip before i had lost my Mojo. I believe i found it though or at least a bit of it. As for my drawer box thingy haven't done anymore with it cause I'm just not happy with the drawers. Its all in my face so I cant let forget it. That way I WILL finish it. that's it for now on to my next layout. after the baseball game

1 comment:

  1. Your layouts are beautiful.
    I haven't done a layout in forever.