Monday, June 20, 2011

Technically it Monday morning but cant get any sleep so why not.

Fathers day went alright the kids and i had to travel out of town to get milk and ended up shopping for a months load of groceries. considering I had to go with all three kids, all under 8 yrs old to the walmart it didn't go so bad. only on the way back home from this hour long trip their was a fire on the side of the high way next to the power plant( sorry no pics as i was driving). someone must have thrown a cigarette out the window cause it was about a 20 foot radius. Very scary! We have had fires all around us for a few weeks now but this day it was so hazy you couldn't even see the sky. The sun was red from all the smoke. Was just glad to make it home safe.
      Dad worked today and came home beat. since we are on a solitaire super bowl till Tuesday. He had to stay up and play. I let him know it was fine if he didn't want to play today I understand. Well guess who won Again. Yup  I won Again. lol. I am the CHAMPION! at least for now. I will take what i can get. watched a few ustream videos and started working on my box of drawer project. I had posted pictures early this week but i guess not. My SPINT phone SUCKS! ohh did i say that, my bad. huh. So i will post my picture of it later today cause my camera is in the room where the husband is asleep....shhhhh. That is all for now. I hope.

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