Saturday, June 4, 2011

OMG back in the home town and i don't know how to behave

So shopping at the michael loved it. I had a chance to go without the kids after so long and it was so nice and quiet. but i don't know how to act in a store without a kid. talking to my self like someone i really listening. hello its just me  then i thought hey i am done i am going to get to the check out and call it a day. right! so i get to the check out to a frustrated cashier that tells me that there is only one line its only 2 of us here. no problem right ill go get in the line. so the lady and i just switched  places. cool. huh not even i ran over this big dudes foot so i say sorry my bad. no problem. i had just asked if they were in line no response so i just stood there. then i here "oh dang if i was still in the pen i would walk out of here n not even think twice bought it" poop I'm not scared im from cali right. then i realize that i had cut in front of them and not a word at me. not a hey lady get to the back of the line not a B move your butt out of here. Nada. so i turned around to see i had 5 people behind me and being threatened by these 2 guys behind me. so My bad where they there first, did i just cut infront of them. I have no clue cause people in cali cant talk normal but i know this i am just thankful that i didnt get my but wooped. think my story ends their. not! then i go to the back of the line and stand their and text my husband telling him what just happened laughing cause i thought it was funny. slam!!! i dropped my basket. i ignore it and pick it up and not just once but yup you guessed it twice. me, my life, my luck. how could i not laugh about it. finally get to the cashier that had a bad day and let her now what a good job they are doing and thanks for being so good at her job. Have a great day! i left and remembering why i don't miss cali so much and as far as micheal's goes i much rather shop on line their is no attitude no threats and no dropping of the baskets in the line i just cut people off in line. love the ville. hope that sarcasm came out in that last line. the shopping expirence was bad they dont have a big variety like on line shopping and i much rather wait for my product and pay for the shipping if i have to deal with a bunch of rude physical people. this is just my experience. stay tuned for my next cali outing

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  1. Happy you enjoyed your shopping trip to Michael's , teehee.