Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last of the Year comments

Hope you all had a great Christmas and that you found the Christmas spirit & Happy New years to you all. My plans are to leave all the negative behind not forgotten just behind and try my hardest to not weigh me down any longer. I have a lot to be grateful for and be happy about so I will try and focus on the positives and hope that kicks out the negative. not sure what plan B will be but its a start. Thank you to my Art-ing community for helping me through this year, you all bring a smile to my heart. I have never in my life known such people to be so kind, funny, considerate and be there for one another. I understand what a community should be know and you all do things with a full heart. I have learned a lot and being around you makes me feel better and want to be better. Thank you Art-ing community for making one persons life shine a bit brighter. okay enough of that.
    I have also joined in two year round challenges. Wish me luck cause I'll need It the first one is Dede from coffee and art in teh morning on ustream if you havent heard well its the place to be . Next its Darcy's postcard challenge of the year as well based on some book that i know have to read just because she made it sound like an awesome trip to take. since the only way I will travel is by books off to another journey I will go. Thank you Dede and Darcy for giving me creative direction before the year even starts. looking forward to how everyone's story turns out this coming year.
     I will try my hardest to keep up and post my progress and since I have a life other than on-line I will also try and post a few thing about that too. Hope everyone's year is productive, happy, healthy, wealthy full of love so happy new years to all my family, friends and Art-ing family/friends. oh also to my co-workers and them mean people I have to deal with on a regular.:P

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!! 2012 HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wandering through to say hello to/from a fellow UIU Buddy! We can do it!! Good luck!!

    Happy New Year!