Sunday, November 13, 2011

Horse for my daughters friend

This using walmart brand pastel chalks for my daughter. For some reason she told her friend her mom was an artist. After asking my Rainy why did you do this she said because you are. Her friend asked her if i could draw a horse for her. well Rain said sure. After a week and a half i finally got around to it while she sat next to me  quietly :). I decided to use chalks knowing pencil would take me longer. hour with chalks and this came out i surprised my self. 

Looked for a horse on the internet this was the picture i liked this most. What a beautiful horse but Rainy said brown so, brown it is.  Hope  Rainy's friend likes it. I'm kind of sad to part with it but at least i have a picture i think next I will try to draw one of my children or something. 
     I think I may have just found my art tool of choice? liked the way it blended on page and how forgiving chalk is. I hope you all like! Had to Thank Rainy for the inspiration we enjoyed the process together. 

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