Sunday, November 6, 2011

EASEL and new to-be project

Here is another project I am working on. Used medium weight chipboard and made a little easel. Just to display current small projects or to place inspirations of the moment. My plan is to decorate it but i wonder if it will take away from the object that will be placed on it. this is still in the thinking process. update to be sorry not to interesting. yet! 
 My husband gave me these boxes we both liked the packaging on these. when did my husband get into me crafting, kinda neat. His friend from Oklahoma traded him these beers for his famous salsa. My hubby makes the best salsa ohh and with chips mmmmmm. so good. any way, back to the main convo. so, you are looking at project # ? that i will be working on. I sure do hope i dont start collecting beer boxes i dont have the room for it but i also have to save labels and caps, i just have to... I think i see a wall hanging or something untill then this will be on that easel or at least next to it. this is a to be continued project........

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