Sunday, November 6, 2011

the binder with an awsome binding

who needs tim holtz when my mind works so well to get what i want. I have so many of these 2inch binder rings and i plan on using them all up with no this is the newest binding i have worked on my idea you heard it here first or read it here first. lol. Here is the binding on the inside two binder rings and heavy weight chipboard. I cut out to slits in the center of the spine of the binder to be. on the outside of the binder  i wrapped seam binding around the rings to keep it from falling back threw and to cover up that the rings where there i really like the ribbons and lace tied to the binder rings and like the look of the spine on a book so i came up with this. I plan on making a video on it soon as i feel better. I seam binding is wrapped by making knots and wrapped around and knots. hard to explain.i plan on tying more ribbons and lace around the rings on the out side of the binder. and on the inside i used a plastic water bottle for the ease of turning the pages works real well their is no pic here but i will show on a video.hope you enjoy and are inspired to make your own.
I love the cover and the binder this is my comfy coffee fairy album to keep all my internet friends info in. Thank you for reading!

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