Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hi All,
 here lately i haven't worked anything crafty really but been working on organizing my home since the kids are all finally in school and i have time to get things done. I am able to throw out the stuff they would never let me, but i know they will never miss.

I have also been getting to know a special person a lot better. Feels like I'm back in elemetry school and just found a new friend she is my new bff. virtual skipping and sharing our ice cream together. I was lerry about having a close virtual friend but she is pretty cool and we have things in common and learn other things from each other. Its a special relationship sharing the things we enjoy together even if it is on line. TY for being yourself with me and sharing these awesome times together.

I have also lost a virtual friend. she just up and left without a word and no response but like most things it wasn't meant to last, but nice while it lasted. I suppose our differences couldn't be handled by her and out similarities weren't strong enough to keep us at least talking. either way it was nice while it lasted. thanks

know since things are calm in my home I plan on reading a book. uhh ohh watch out getting some reading done in years, could be dangerous may just learn something. all excited to spend some time reading its been awhile with a book.

And my big project is up dating my home journal, where i have my home information organized but flipping through that lately I have realize it needed to be updated I had some stuff in there from 10 years ago how crazy is that. like the appointment card from my sons last prenatal appointment that was so stinking awesomeo to find because that was also the same day he was born.
needless to say my planner needs to be updated and revised so that is a chore in itself. i promise not to get all crazy with it though. I will not try and make it perfect for my life is imperfect but the best life i could have. filled with love for family and love in return from the people that matter. I am a blessed woman and I will appreciate every moment the best i can.

well enough about that you all have a great day and will be around in the chats and streams and the all new facebook. cause my ustream family has been a bit neglected but i will try and make up for that. soon?.

thank you for stopping by hope I haven't board you to much have a blessed day

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  1. Well you are pretty amazing Katie so anyone who has you as a friend hopefully realizes how blessed they are. I am working on my binder as we speak. I even managed to get Geoff to help me make our zone cleaning more specific to our spaces. I cant wait to get even a little more organized so things don't get so behind. :) Love you girl!