Sunday, September 2, 2012

So here lately i have been working on a few layouts. trying to get caught up. I have realized that the way i feel at that moment affects my LO's. 
Hi my name is Katie and i am an emotional scrapbooker. 
LOL, yes i am an almond joy candy bar = nuts 
I have completed 4 in one day when I'm in a bad mood. 
so I looked back at them and realized they are plain. I am ok with plain LO's and It's okay for my scrapbook to be about me since the kids will see these books later and see me in these pages. 

did i mention that i am ok with plain LO's (so want to add more to these know)

here are some plain layouts.

plain and simple but it gets the job done. 
hope you like!! every LO doesn't have to be a superstar. 
wait till i start merging project life with the layout inserts.

Ohhh wait did i mention this is all UIU. I am using up all my stash and will continue to use up all my stash.

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