Monday, April 23, 2012

attempts and my atc for joyce swap

 Hello all who read what I write good luck in reading what I write no spell check allowed here thank you. lol
so I was thinking the other night that i need to develop what i do using what i got and making more use of it. so i will be making a tag monday thru friday and using what i have an never in the same way at least 5 elements in the tag and never repeating with the same technique so i hope i can figure out many different ways to use what i got. wish me luck I'm gonna need it ty for reading

Next, I have my ATC that i have made for Moonlitrose or joyce I hope she likes it and hope i doesnt get thrown in a drawer some where and never to be seen of again. J/k joyce hehehe
enjoy this was made just for you from the the one and only me 
its a one of a kind just like you!!

love the colors dont you !!!!

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