Saturday, February 18, 2012

saturday morning

Its Saturday morning waiting on coffee while listening to hubs still snoring and kids laughing while watching tv. how sad is that all i want to do is watch youtube video. a live stream would be awesome something with a new technique in scrapbooking. yeah! that would do me just fine. so what to do on this cold Saturday
clean? Nahhh
wash? Nahhhhh
how bout watch some more Youtube? yeahhhh that's the ticket right their.
coffee is ready so now i will enjoy these videos just a bit more. Have a great 3 day week end. I will try my hardest to stay relaxed since this is the first whole day without a cigg (again!). haha well i guess we will see who can last the longest the family or myself. good luck to them. deep breaths and a whole lot of relaxation is required and a busy mind will do the trick.
see you all in twitter or streams you are all lucky at a  safe distance from me.

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