Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something about my arting/scrapbooking is changing

Not sure if i like or not i know i had fun. I haven't made a LO in a while so I really wanted to get to work on one. i tried to let the paper talk to the photos and let them unite on the LO. Not sure if I should let them talk again cause he result was kinda crazy. I like it, in a crazy kinda way. I look at it and just not sure how i feel about it did i pull what i wanted to from it. I'm just gonna let it sit for a bit and see what it needs or doesn't need. What should i have done differently. I definitly need something on the envelop to mute it down a bit I'm thinking yellow flowers and another butterfly. yeah that's it. see myself going crazy over this page. sorry for being sideways see what i can do about it. Please leave me feed back tell me what you think? thanks for reading and going crazy with me.

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