Sunday, May 1, 2011

my use of Satin Ribbon that i have had 4eva & stick pins

last couple of days i have been feeling crafty. So last night i was wondering how to use up my satin ribbon i have tons of it, so i betta use it, right! so these are the flowers i started making. i think you can tell which ones i made first but the i like them all. my fav is the top right. twist, glue, and dont push the ribbon into the glue but just let it stay in its circular pipe like ribbon tube that forms when twisted. hope that explains what i just did.:/ .  The lace is also something i have tons of from way back in the day. i just glimmer misted the black one. hot glued every thing to a 1 1/4" circle piece of paper and wahlah satin ribbon flowers with lace and fiber. hope someone likes my flowers got the idea from YT vid. thinks its in my favs. check it out
stick pins, not sure what they are called but i made them all by hand. the pin itself is made of a role of 20 g. steel galvanized wire $1.59. The beads i bout years ago at michaels for $1.29 and i think the grey and black beads from some broken jewlery. I am a frugal, cheap, and all sorts of waste not want not kinda person. I used round pliers made the loop on top and used a metal file to sharpen the other end of the wire so to be sharp needle like(trust me its sharp, i tested it out on my fingure by accident). this is my first attempt at Stick pins definitly fun to do. ohh yeah and on top of the stick pins i used my melting pot i used a bead on timp and covered with UTEE, on the middle one. the tope one it's i made the eye pin style and just dipped that end in UTEE & spin to make it an even kinda tear drop end. hope you like

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