Friday, May 27, 2011

surfing thru the blogs and thinking

Husbands falling asleep next to me I'm listening to the simson on the TV and the kids are loudly trying to go to bed.Ha start now so we can go thru the hour thinking how much all you ladies have help me to find the happy in my life. I have found that i can deal with life a bit more easily. I appreciate the little things in my life. maybe its cause i am about to go back to the home that made me crazy to begin with or maybe that the laughter of my children is the sounds of goodness.either way I am at a point that I appreciate my husband and love him for loving me so good. I meant that financially, mentally and well maybe physically too. lol  we have had some ruff times but never been without and always their for each other how could that be bad. I have to start telling him this stuff. Not just now, one step at a time.I wouldn't want to give him a swollen head or anything.

well I was thinking to learn myself is to learn the stuff i like so here i go. the family is a given and our home is another but scrapbooking is what i love to do i can express myself. love my cricut die cutting images and coloring them in with my new copics are awesome. melting pot is fun for flowers and images to give them that dimension. I absolutely love paper, drawing on it, coloring on it, die cutting it, ripping cutting, measuring, folding, curling, chalking, wetting, spraying, layering, painting, stamping even some embossing wet and dry embossing. I simply love paper and what i can do with it and everything that helps me to create with it.

My blog is another thing that I am getting into cause i can share myself with others. I only started it cause someone said that any one who is crafty should have a blog to share their art. I thought that sounded good. My blog turned out to be a place to be me with others that like the same things i do. A place to communicate and meet new people. meeting grown ups instead of all the children in my life. I was starting to think that being a grown up meant learning to speak to little ones on their level. so adult communication is good, really good. up till now I didnt realize what i was missing. If i new then what i know now i would have started a blog years ago. cant wait to learn what else is out their i hope its all good.

Well 3 more days and I'm out

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  1. So glad I have found your blog, or visa versa :)
    I started my blog as an online journal for myself. Well creating is part of me, so I include that as well.
    I never thought anyone would read it. But am so happy as I have met so many friends on here.