Tuesday, October 11, 2011

binding for 3" thick 12 x 12 album

up-date on this binding it works well if you have spacers between the pages.I used half inch strips of medium weight chipboard and punch holes and put in between each page protector. made the bind much more sturdier. this is my 2011 album 3 inches thick so it did need something to compress all the pages to keep the binding sturdy. all this is 1/4 inch elastic that opens well. I used this instead of the posts only cause I have tons of elastic and the seam binding i think next i will try sewing some lace into it for a little more poof and cuteness to it. I like the way it works when i tied the ends i tied them inside the binding so it would look neat on both ends. Hope you try it out for me it was a way of saving money and using what i have. Thank you for taking time to read. I hope you get a chance to try this binding i think  you would be happy with the results.
I sewed seam binding to elastic. Thought I could use for something but couldn't find a good use for it till I used 4 binding and also want to use for a journal closer. Ill have to do it then post that. Later
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