Friday, October 7, 2011

Journal pages and stuff that want to come out of my head.

The butterflies kept evolving gypsy disign for cricut. copic markers coloring. stamped one with text and the other with a lace stamp. used liquid glass and lindy's embossing powder for the tips, a bit of glitz on wings i thing i am just about happy with these butterflies but still need something.
 This page started off as paper swap for DEDE's  paper swap on ustream. started to make 4 lost one then there were 3 and only worked on 1. not quite happy with this either need something. so went looking for techniques  to add to this page, when i got caught up in Dede's ustream and heard she had prompt videos.Went looking for past video's well it ended up being to late and fell asleep. so will finish that project of making prompts for when i get stuck like this. mean while back to this post. this page still needs something so this will be on my mind till its completed to my liking.Then.....
Been working on this paper and still trying to find my style of art. trying different techniques for me, at least they are different to me. Enjoying letting my mind go where ever it wants. I still feel like my pages need some things more. some tweaking is needed to project a finishing touch of me. everything is so different but one thing leads to the next i refuse to stop my self cause of "I'm not sure" issues. I am going from one step to the nest where ever it leads me. I just seam to keep getting blocked by the what else it needs i see one thing this needs already and will work on that. this one has melted store bags glued on paper and painted on with acrylic paints an napkin and a face from magazine. the face needs work it needs blending i see it know. lol funny how i cant see it while writing and maybe some kinda border. well hope I'm not boring you to much. definitly feel this blogging will help me figure me out. I am my own great unknown. sounds like a title for this page. hmmmmm. TTYL! thanks for following.

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