Saturday, March 23, 2013

Filofax-ing as I see it!!!

   So here is my latest craze. 


 OMG!!!!!!! so lovely.

My mind is finally free and clear of worries.
WHY?  It seems the more I write my thoughts, moments, schedule,calls, appointments and plans the less mental clutter I have.  The more room I have to just linger in the present.  I tend to not stay focused because ideas come to me when ever they feel like, I have no control of it. my mind seems not wonder so much in conversations as much. not sure why but I think its because I'm finally being able to express myself in my Filofax. I write down the ideas as they come. so it helps me to be able to think and expand on an idea so I'm not always thinking about it. so I can stay more focused in conversations with people express myself  and listen to others as well. hummm, yeah that sounds about right. I have been developing confidence in planning, developing my process, in communicating with my family and getting my ideas out of my mouth instead of being so worried of saying the wrong things.

The feel of a Filofax. mentally and physically. My Dakota Filofax is awesome it is important to get a Planner that you enjoy and are happy with because it is your right hand man or woman, your go to guy or girl. where you store your story and information that you need when you need it. this is my best friend, that helps me be better for my family and be able to be present in the moment instead of thinking of a 101 things all the time and never just enjoying the movie, laughter of your children, or always being late for a birthday gift that you forgot to order because you didn't remember what they said they wanted, because you lost that post-it note you put it on that got lost in the house somewhere. phewww that needed to be said too. oopsies!!!!!! guess this filofax-ing is getting worse, or better, not sure yet.

Tabs are equal to the anatomy.  If things arent exactly the way It's suppose to be then things wont flow right. Its the way It needs to be in order for the process to work for me. I think that every Filofax has its own anatomy it must talk to us over time, together.  Not that i hear voices. yet... At first i believed that it would just come together because the tabs were their and the paper was their but it wasn't so.  it's taken time to get to the point that we can communicate this well. Take time to really understand my needs and so we start to merge into one.  

let my take a moment and tell you a lil story.  During a school day monday morning I set my Dakota down for a brief moment while I did my morning routine. In the middle of this routine checking on the children to make sure they are still getting themselves ready for school I glanced over at my Kota and it wasnt their. I thought that maybe i took it to the kitchen with me so, i let it go for the moment. the 30 minutes before we left i kind of glanced around for it. not thinking anything about it. because I tend to move things around quite a bit. We went about our day when i got home i started to make my breakfast and really lookinf for my Kota. ohhh my here came the panic. Ohh Kota where are you. looking around the house for it. after an hour with cold breakfast waiting for me and a picked up house I finally called husband. "husband, do you know where my Filofax is? ohh my goodness after a few threats to his night life and bad reception on his phone and a lot of denial he finally caved in. My husband thought it would be funny to hide my Dakota this morning. he found out the hard way you don't mess with my Kota. funny now but not then. He got a good laugh me after panic and putting my husband in his place who comes first the Filofax or the husband I was finally able to see the humor once I had it in my hands. I still owe him payback but not sure what yet.... any suggestions??? maybe i should remove the tires on his bike that would get him good. hehehe 

okay back onto the main subject. see focus focus focus.. I crack myself up heehee

my process of Filofax-ing. this has to be the verb of planning in a Filofax because the word planning  doesn't do it justice. the description of what planning in a Filofax does for my well being process. It's an experience, an intimate Date with my Dakota we touch and smells so elegant and i glare at it from across the table ok in front of me. eye candy at the ends of my finger tips, okay i guess that would be finger candy???. this is a sick relationship i have. So when it starts to get a little bulky i help it get slim again. it doesn't get offended by the things I say. It lets me help get it to where we need to be so we can continue in life in perfect harmony. This must be the best relationship I could ever hope for. It takes everything I have to give and doesn't ask for more which makes me want to give more. Post- it notes, new pens, tabs, stickers ohh my.. The adventures we go on we aren't afraid to try new things. we try and if we fail we have the experience that we have shared and continue on to new adventures. we reminisce on what use to be and appreciate where we are now. Kota we have come so far ( sigh).  My husband is jealous of our relationship and asks for time but we cant seem to schedule him in to the right slot yet so we will have to work on accommodating  our time better its only for the weekends maybe some late nights after you have gone to bed. shhhh I know seperation anxiety but its only for a little while then, we can be together again LMAO..... sorry i wondered off again...
did i mention its a sick relationship

hope you caught a glimps of what it means to me to have a relationship with my 1st Filofax. though i have bought a Holborn (possible holly or ??) personal size in brown and love it, I haven't developed the relationship with it quite yet but it'll come. every good thing takes time.. 

Thank you for your time and i hope you enjoyed reading
 until next time.. 
have a blessed day 

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  1. Great post - hope you'll write more when you have time!