Sunday, September 8, 2013

I dub thee Bubble..

I dub thee bubble! finally a name for at least one of my Filofaxes. And a worthy name at that.

   I once lived in a bubble where i could see nothing but good in the world though it was all in my imagination it was a happy bubble. some close thought that i needed more in my imaginary life so He decided to point out a few things that i was missing or not seeing in life. boy that was a harsh reality. Did you all already know that life wasn't all about me. well it took me a bit longer to realize it.
   So, this time my bubble isn't just in my head its all out in the open more so in my hands. This is were i connect the two,

my imagination and reality. Yes, if you are a bit weiry well I am too and would tell you to hold on tight. I truly just let it all out here for so many reasons
  1. because she is so pretty and you know she is.
  2. because i filled her will pretty blank and lined paper that i like to see and feel
  3. i let my feeling, questions, quotes that i like and work out my problems
  4. this color for me defines freedom for some reason more on that later I'm sure.
  5. There are no rules in this Filofax its just write what ever with what ever.
My bubble is a protective barrier against all negativity never to be busted again! This is a place of love that only i can experience and dwell in. I see people through this bubble which allows me to see the good in all. people  try to make me see outside the bubble and at times i may have to but i can always return to my bubble, full of fresh flowing waterfalls where all my ideas, thoughts and opinions are free to flow and gather in a safe pond that is surrounded by lush green grass that i lay down my words and breathe in my inspiration. My tree of grounded strength and shaded comfort flourishes my mind. This is a bug free paradise. Mistakes are not exsistant here. There is only new opportunities to explore, a new way of thinking or new path all together. creation is here and blossoms of ideas.The end does not reside here this is the never ending story.  The infinite where the imagination blossoms and is rejuvinated. the ulimate possibity of inspiration is here.
   I think i have found my muse! it's a place where all beauty and everything is one.  Everything is connected and space is infinate.
My bubble makes me happy and it is concrete. Planning is creat but wee all need a place to feel free and that is what my Filofax personal size finsbury in pink does for me. I hope this wasn't to bumpy of a ride.

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